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Able and Extraordinary

Professional Educational Instructor and Exceptional Education Consultant and Advocate

If you are looking for answers, a specialized plan for your extraordinary child, and a trained instructor to help them reach their goals, you can find all the answers and help in one place.

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My Vision

You are Able and Extraordinary

As an exceptional education teacher and educational leader for over 22 years, I dedicate my life advocating for those who are unable to advocate for themselves.  Focusing on an individual's strengths, interests, personality, learning style, and working with families, caretakers, and private providers are essential when designing a student-focused, strategic plan to increase each child's abilities.   I believe that fair does not mean the same for all, positive relationships and a growth mindset fosters empowerment, and it is our differences that make us extraordinary.


Administrative and Educational Leader with over 22 years experience with a K-12 perspective of advancing ALL students to their maximum potential.  Possess expertise in IDEA/ADA Compliance, Curriculum Implementation, Professional Development, and Student Advocacy.  I can now leverage my knowledge and experience one child at a time. 

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I have noticed a huge difference in my daughter's confidence with reading and overall. She didn't want to read at all before starting with Ms. Sarah because she struggled so much. Now she asks to read books and can make it through with minimal help. Ms. Sarah is also great at keeping her engaged and making it fun!


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Ms. Sarah (as she is affectionately called in my house) has been working with my 13 year old son for a little over a year and has been nothing short of a godsend.  We were looking for an instructor with experience working with students with special needs that could provide direct instruction and help us maintain our homeschool portfolio.  Before beginning services, she developed an individualized plan for his learning that included both grade level curriculum and other important educational skills while incorporating topics that were high interest for him.  She sends informational progress updates which help us understand progress he has made, as well as strengths and areas in need of improvement.  As an individual, Sarah is patient and supportive, makes learning fun, yet firm when needed.  She pushes him to work to the best of his ability and is closely in tune with his needs.  We are so appreciative of the instruction that she provides and look forward to continuing to work together to best support our son's needs into the future.  Highly recommend!!

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Previous Events-Recorded

A Second Look

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A&E Launch

August 14, 2021

This recorded webinar introduces Sarah Farmer and her formula of success for AbleandExtraordinary.  Get to know her relaxed but professional style with a passion to put kids first.  Learn more about the services available and why they work.  This will be an eye-opener on how to merge art with instruction, instructional technique and individualizism, as well as heart and hard-work in order to create a path of success for any child. (see if you can catch my typo, I do make mistakes too :) )

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Explicit Instruction

August 26, 2021

No Labels No Limits Only Learning at Able and Extraordinary Learn all about Explicit Instruction and how it is used to maximize your child's learning.

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Using Games to Increase Motivation

Students who are motivated will increase their learning. Linking games and experiences that students are enjoying every day is a great way to improve their motivation in school tasks. That means that we as adult should be aware of what students are participating in outside of school so we can enhance activities within school based on their interests. Finding that hook will increase participation, engagement, and achievement. Try it today!

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Finding the Fun in Homework

October 15, 2021

Who hates homework? You won't have watching this video! You can have as much fun as a pirate when doing homework by throwing out the worksheets and choosing your favorite games. Watch for many ideas that will make learning fun and spend quality time together. Can play single player, multi-player, with family or with your study group! Add comments below for other ideas or games you have played to make HW fun!

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